Reviews MIRIAM

[This article is very old ... Content and links are probably not up to date]

rickpaul writes – editor Rick Paul has issued the most in-depth review of Vocaloid products to date. While the focus is on Zero-G’s MIRIAM, the article also provides a detailed example of creating a Vocaloid performance and adding expressive elements, discusses practical applications, and touches on related Zero-G and third party products, including TazMan’s VocController, JMT’s YV Enhancer, and Zero-G LEON and LOLA. Numerous MP3 audio examples let readers hear the results described in the article.

If you’re still considering MIRIAM or other Zero-G Vocaloid products, this review will give you an idea of what you can expect in a number of real life applications. If you’ve already taken the leap, this article just may provide some ideas to get more out of your investment. The review can be found here.