News about Miriam and Software Update

Ed Stratton writes – Zero-G’s third Vocaloid release, MIRIAM, based on the voice of Miriam Stockley has been delayed, partly to wait for further improvements to the Yamaha software which powers it. MIRIAM will now be released in late May (the MIRIAM vocal library is basically finished but is still undergoing thorough testing with the new version of the software before it can be released). MIRIAM will have a very different (smoother, more pure) tone, and a wider usable pitch range than LOLA. The first MIRIAM audio demos will be released very soon.

The good news for users of Zero-G’s LEON and LOLA is that a greatly improved version of Yamaha’s Vocaloid Editor application will be available to them as a free downloadable update in a couple of weeks from now, possibly less. This has also been longer coming than we anticipated but the extra delay is going to be well worth it – our team has a beta of that update and can tell you that synthesis is already around three times faster (rendering time is greatly reduced), and the “Play With Synthesis” feature works reliably and much more efficiently (i.e. the feature that allows you to have the song start playing within a few seconds, while synthesis of your changes takes place in the background). This makes the software much more usable, and results come much faster. The bug that had affected the VSTi functionality has been fixed and numerous other minor fixes implemented.