Sound Control SCMAG Reviews Vocaloid Lola

Zero-G writes – In a rather cursory one and a half page “mini” review entitled “Sack The Singer…” starting on page 26 of SCMAG Issue 25 by an unnamed reviewer, they generally rate the software quite highly…….

After a light hearted initial introduction which talks of “sinister plans to do away with the band’s front man… it must be Vocaloid at the scene of the crime” the article then alludes to the advent and general acceptance of virtual guitarists and drummers. It then goes on to briefly describe the complexities and problems inherent in the creation of synthetic voices in general before praising Yamaha’s efforts for creating “software that emulates the singing voice with incredible accuracy”. They say that “once you have mastered the interface and the use of phonetic alphabet” that using the software is “easy”. The article then grumbles about the “unnecessarily complex and obtrusive” setting up of the software and LAN authorisation process before announcing a first impression of a “very user friendly environment which you’ll feel confortable with”. The next few paragraphs describe the actual process of creating a vocal track. In conclusion they describe the product as “no toy – in fact it represents a serious milestone in software development for the studio”. Vocaloid represents “a huge leap in creativity for the bedroom producer”, and they praise the value for money “when compared to the costs of having a session singer around for a project or two”. The article ends by concluding that future developments will be worth watching out for before making a reference to the employment prospects of “a few lead singers who will be brushing up their CV’s… time to check out those office jobs”.

SCMAG is a freebie musicians magazine running to sixty pages and sent out from a mailing list by musical instrument retailer Sound Control….. probably the largest musical instrument retailing chain in the UK. Their website can be found Here.

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