Vocaloid just became more accessible AND more affordable!

Zero-G writes – Now you can try the Vocaloid software before purchase, and it just became more affordable too.

In response to popular demand, Zero-G and Yamaha have jointly released a free tryout (demo) version of Vocaloid, the amazing singing synthesis software that allows singing to be generated in any lyrics*, with unprecedented realism. Users of the Tryout Version are licensed to use commercially any singing created with it, making it a useful production tool in its own right!

(*Note: In the Tryout Version, only a limited selection of lyrics are possible).

Yamaha have exciting plans for the ongoing development of their Vocaloid technology, with many improvements in the pipeline (and more free software updates for registered users), and to ensure that as many people as possible are able to access this exciting new technology and add new voices, Zero-G have (as of 13 August 2004) adjusted the price of their first three Vocaloid virtual vocalist products, with Vocaloid LEON and Vocaloid LOLA each now costing only £129.95 GBP ($229.95 USD / 199 Euro), and their latest voice Vocaloid MIRIAM £149.95 GBP ($279.95 / 225 Euro).

Download the Vocaloid Tryout Version Here or from Zero-G.