Vocaloid Resonance Controls – Part 2

By Joe Hogan – June 2004

In this brief article I will show a couple of examples of how vocaloid resonances can be used to change the pronunciation of vowels. Please read part 1 in order to get the best understanding of what is being discussed

Example 1: ‘enfold’

This example is from the Zero-G Miriam demo “You are the light”.

There is a line that goes ‘whispers enfold me’. I am an English person with a very neutral accent and to me the way vocaloid sings the word ‘fold’ sounds very incorrect, it sounds over-precise and posh. The vowel phoneme for ‘fold’ is ‘@U’, this is the same phoneme that is used in ‘phone’ and ‘coat’, but the way I speak these words doesn’t rhyme with the word ‘fold’, but vocaloid makes them rhyme.

Now I am aware that the issue I am describing is a dialect issue, some people may use the same vowel sound for the above 3 words, but I don’t.

But none of this matters at all, because this is simply an example of how the resonance controls can be used to change the pronunciation. My point is this… If I can change the resonances so the dialect is good to my ears, then theoretically you can make the pronunciation right for you.

Please open This Vocaloid Midi file in the vocaloid editor (right click and select ‘save-as’).

It asumes you have Miriam as singer ID 0, if this is not the case on your system then simply open the singer control track (bottom left of the screen) and double click the block underneath the word enfold, and select Miriam.

Now Press Play, it should sound something like this:

enfold before.mp3

[Please note: the resonance adjustments discribed in this article may not produce exactly the same results with vocal fonts other than Miriam, but obviously the theory behind the changes still applies]

Now to change the sound of the vowel.

Select the ‘Res2 Freq’ control track and draw a line at the startof the word fold at 40 with a slope going back up to 64. Make it look something like this…

Select ‘Resonance2-Bandwidth’ and set it to 51, also with the slope going back upto 64, it should look like this…

Press Play, it should sound something like this

something like this

Here is the finished vocaloid midi file.

Here is the original again:


To my ears the pronunciation is greatly improved, especially when in the context of the song. But like I said, it’s just my opinion.

Please read Part 3 for more information on resonances…

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