Vocaloid TRYOUT Version Available

vocaloid1_screenshotZero-G writes – Zero-G have released a TRYOUT VERSION of the Vocaloid Software. Featuring a limited selection of words from the MIRIAM voice database, this 37Mb download allows you to install and use the Tryout Version of the Vocaloid software.

Users of this tryout (demo) version are licensed to use (even commercially) any singing that they create with it, so it’s a useful and powerful tool in its own right.

This demo is for PC only (not mac), and includes a limited vocabulary from the Miriam voice font. There are various other limitations…

More information and the license agreement here: Vocaloid_Demo_README.pdf

Download the demo here: Vocaloid_Demo_Version.zip

More info here: http://www.zero-g.co.uk/index.cfm?Articleid=802