VocController – The first 3rd party VSTi plugin for Vocaloid

Tazman writes – I would like to let you know about the development of a VSTi plug-in with the name of VocController that I am sure many Vocaloid users will find interesting and I hope a useful tool.

VocController is a simple but powerful plug-in that generates midi parameters for Yamaha’s Vocaloid VST instrument. It can be triggered from standard midi data therefore making it possible to play words instantly at any note and velocity from a keyboard controller or by playing notes from a midi track.

Key features of the VSTi are:

  • Lyrics and phonemes can be typed in.
  • The ability to edit various note parameters such as length, note attack, vibrato
  • Build in pattern-based editor that provides a simple way to construct complex phrases.
  • Real-time control over Volume, Pan, Vibrato, Rate, Vibrato Depth, Pitch Bend parameters.
  • The ability to load Vocaloid midi files.
  • Changes can be saved as a vocaloid midi file for further editing by the Vocaloid Editor.
  • Note information (note key, velocity and length) can be exported as a standard midi file to be used for time accurate triggering.

The plug-in will be ready at the end of June (hopefully earlier) and with a demo version available soon for download only to the registered users of the vocaloid-user.net forum.

VocController is been developed entirely by tazman-audio and more details about the plug-in and other future products can be found on the
tazman-audio.co.uk web site.