VocController Tutorial – Part 1

By Joe Hogan – July 2004

This article gives a brief introduction to Tazman-Audio VocController, and describes how to set it up in Cubase SX2. The beta version of VocController can be downloaded here.


VocController is a simple User Interface that creates special midi messages to control the Vocaloid VSTi. It comes in the form of a VST Intrument (VSTi). It allows realtime triggering of vocaloid notes using a midi keyboard, it also allows melodies that are sequenced in your sequencer to drive the Vocaloid VSTi. It includes a stepping sequencer to create lyrics on specific notes, and supports the standard Vocaloid vibratos and attacks.

The Vocaloid VSTi responds to the special midi data in the Vocaloid midi files. These are NRPN messages. VocController controls the Vocaloid VSTi by generating these messages. Now despite NRPN being a standard midi protocol not all sequencers will send these messages to a VSTi (FL Studio and Sonar 3.1.1 are examples). Also you must use a host sequencer that allows a VSTi to send midi data to another VSTi.

Cubase SX/SX2 supports VocController.

Setup in Cubase SX2

If you use a different sequencer please adjust this precedure accordingly. To setup VocController in Cubase SX2, start by opening both the vocaloid VSTi and VocController VSTi from the ‘VST Instruments’ panel by pressing F11. Next add 2 midi tracks in the project window.

Now click on the first midi track and just to the left in the track inspector, set ‘IN:’ to ‘All Midi Inputs’ or alternatively select the midi input that your midi keyboard is connected to. Set ‘OUT:’ to ‘vocController’.

Now on the second midi channel set ‘IN:’ to ‘vocController’ and ‘OUT:’ to ‘vocaloid’. Click on the little speaker symbols on both the 2 midi tracks so they are orange.

VocController is now set up!

The following flow chart gives a simple illustration of the ins and outs of VocController.

Midi Keyboard —> Midi Track 1
Sequenced Midi Data —>
Vocaloid midi file —> VocController VSTi —> Vocaloid midi file
Vocaloid midi file (imported into sequencer) —> Standard midi file
Midi Track 2 Midi Track 3
Vocaloid VSTi any standard midi synth
Audio Out

See part 2, for details on how to use VocController….

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