VocController Tutorial – Part 2

By Joe Hogan – July 2004

This article gives a description how to use Tazman-Audio VocController, to control the Vocaloid VSTi.

Triggering Vocaloid using a midi keyboard

Please setup VocController as described in part1.

If the VocController plugin is not visible select the VocController track in the project window and click the ‘Edit VST Instrument’ button in the track inspector, and the VocController ahould appear (these instructions apply to Cubase SX2).

On the right hand side of the plugin in the ‘Phoneme List’ box is a table that lists the notes in your song and the lyrics and phonemes that you want vocaloid to sing. Click the first row, labelled ‘0’ and type the lyric ‘ooh’ and also type in the phoneme ‘u:’ into the phoneme column. (Please note that VocController will not translate your words into phonemes, you have to do that manually).

In the ‘Note Control’ block, click on the black box and select the word ‘ooh’ that you just created. Underneath the scale from 0 to 1 bar is a small grey block, that you can stretch out by clicking and dragging, this specifies the length of the note. Set it to 1/4.

Now play some notes on your keyboard, and after a couple of seconds you should hear them.

IMPORTANT: The Vocaloid VSTi requires midi data in advance in order to synthesize correctly, the default setting is about 1 second. Also it needs to know the length of the note when the note starts, this means that you cant simply use standard note on and note off midi signals. This is why VocController also has to specify the length of the notes in advance. This is a quirk of the Vocaloid synthesis system.

Luckilly VocController has some cunning tricks to help make Vocaloid feel more immediate. In the center of VocController, please set ‘Note Delay’ to ‘0/4 bar’ and try playing some notes on your keyboard. On a fast PC it should play the notes in real time, you may have to increase the note delay on slower computers. There is still a very slight latency, but now playing Vocaloid from a keyboard is possible!

This method enables you to jot down music ideas in real time from your sequencer and keyboard, which was never previously possible with Vocaloid.

Please read part 3 for more information on how to use this deceptively powerful yet simple plugin…

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