VOCALOID Version 1.1

Here are the new features of Vocaloid Version 1.1 as announced by Yamaha and Zero-G at the Frankfurt MusikMesse last week. This new version will be available within the next 6 weeks to all registered users as a free downloadable upgrade:

New Synthesis Engine

More natural, intelligible and expressive.

Selection of overall “singing style”.

Less tweaking time to get “more realistic” singing.

Powerful and handy “Play With Synthesis” mode

“Play With Synthesis” mode enables you to play back the synthesis instantly.

Toggling between “Play With Synthesis” and “Play After Synthesis” modes for each track enables you to free up CPU usage.

– For tracks you are working on use “Play With Synthesis” mode.

– For tracks you have finished use “Play After Synthesis” mode.

Also available in ReWire(TM)

Numerous easy-to-use functionalities newly implemented:

Automatic phoneme conversion of lyrics and automatic syllabication.


Automatic vibrato option.

Other helpful functionalities to increase speed of work.

More flexible “activation”

LAN device not necessary.

Web-based offline activation.

Will be available SOON!

As a free downloadable software update for registered users.