Vocaloid2 demonstration in Frankfurt Musikmesse

The Yamaha Vocaloid development team will be demonstrating Vocaloid2 at the Frankfurt Musikmesse from 28th to 31st March.

Time: 14:00 everyday (from 28th to 31st March)
Place: Meeting room “ARGUMENT” in Hall 3.C Westfoyer

VOCALOID2 is a new version of VOCALOID, which includes major
improvements in usability and synthesis quality.
Here are key features:

– New GUI

VOCALOID Editor (score editing tool) of VOCALOID2 has a cool
new look with improved user functionality.

– A much more realistic and natural sounding vocal
The synthesis engine of VOCALOID2 uses a different signal processing
technique from Version 1, creating a clearer and more natural vocal.

– Realtime Keyboard Performance (VST Instrument)
Written lyrics can be assigned a note by touch of a keyboard.
Now you can “sing” using a keyboard.

– New functionalities and improvements
Much easier to use functionalities are newly implemented, which
reduce workloads in creating your music.
Existing functionalities are also improved.