Kaito V3 Demos!

New male Vocaloid 3 Kaito V3 from Crypton, designed to sing in both Japanese and English. He includes no less than 3 Japanese voice DBs (straight, whisper & soft) as well as an English DB!

More info: http://www.crypton.co.jp/mp/do/prod?id=36450

Demos songs:

月雪花 DB = Straight
夢懸歌 DB = Whisper & Straight
水の道化師 DB = Soft
Rose+Thorn DB = English
玄冬桜 DB = Whisper
悪徳のジャッジメント DB = Straight
Sweet’s Beast DB = Soft
crystal mic DB = English
逆罪行進曲 DB = Whisper
時計塔のうた DB = Straight
カンタレラ(Short Ver.) DB = Soft
Mirror Rule DB = Soft
YES YES DB = English
海渡る風の唄 DB = Straight, Soft & Whisper
戦唄 DB = Straight
万感吟遊 DB = Straight
恋するアプリ DB = Soft
Pane dhiria DB = Straight
Anonymous DB = English
モーニングコール DB = Whisper
Chillyditty Of February DB = Soft & Straight
時忘人 DB = Straight