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HELP! can I load a wav or mp3 file to sing to?
Jun 4 2005
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
May 30 2005

Wow, I’ve scanned the manual, posted on the forum
and all I want to know is that unless I use a plugin
for rewire or something, can’t I put a wav or mp3
file as a track to hear what it will sound like as I
program vocaloid?

If not, this software is approaching useless!

Please, oh please help me!?!

Jun 4 2005
Forum Posts: 66
Member Since:
May 7 2004

To be able to use vocaloid alongside a wave or MP3 file, You would need to use a sequencer program such as FLStudio, Cubase or Sonar Where you would import your wave or MP3 file or MIDI file to.
Once you have created your vocals in vocaloid, then you would export them to wav in a folder. Then import the wave file into the sequencer program. If all is well, then pressing the play button on the sequencer you would be able to hear all your vocaloid wave file with your MP3 or other wave files together. Then it is a matter of tweaking the various parameters to get the timings right. Also depending oth the sequencer program you use various Effects could be added to enhance you composition to your taste.

Hope this helps.

Vocaleaner(Robert) :)

Jun 6 2005
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
May 30 2005


Vocaleaner, thank you SO much for your reply!
I was thinking I was going batty or something!

Turns out worse than I thought. We SHOULD be able to preview
the vocals while creating them, right there in Vocaloid.
Jumpng back and forth between apps is a creative person’s
I mean, timing, phrasing, EVERYTHING a singer does, is in
response to the music they are singing to.
This is silly to have to “imagine” what it will sound like with music, while
programming it.
It would be amazing to be able to drop your music in as a track that
played as you tweaked the voice.

Regardless, thanks again vocaleaner for your response, it helped
alot. I’m hoping to be able to contribute more to this forum once
I have a better understanding of the app. Forums like these are
incredibly helpful to all, and I want this community to grow and
become a strong voice in the development of Vocaloid.

Jun 7 2005
Forum Posts: 66
Member Since:
May 7 2004

How is it going Hulagirl?

To better understand what you are trying to achieve, perhaps it would help to know what sequencer you are using to create your backing tracks and melody, as there are many ways to work with Vocaloid and other sequencer or audio software.
Although at the begining you may find it long and winded, but as you get more proficient with vocaloid itself and incorporate this to a sequencer as an audio track will become easier.

All the best


Jun 9 2005
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
May 30 2005

Hey Robert!

Thanks for checking up! Actually, while I have Sonar Producer and
Acid Pro, I mainly record everything to a Roland VS-880ex
digital workstation. Yes, I’m from days gone by, actually playing
instruments live (for the most part!).

What I use:
Kurzweil K2500S
Oberheim 8
Roland TD-10 V-Drums
Jackson elec. guitar
Crate Amp
Mackie VLZ-Pro mixer

I do sampling and sequencing, but the Kurzweil is master controller
to ASR-10.

Now I’m doing music for Disney Interactive and Majesco games,
for playstation, psp, some nintendo ds.

And the one thing that kills me is I CAN’T SING!!
And I have vocal talent, but it’s hard to translate to them
how I want something sung. Vocaloid can help! I can
write a melody line for them to sing over. And can track
my own backup vocals.

So it all comes into the computer as separate trax, which is fine.
But I would love to be able to hear a track, IN vocaloid, and
as for feature requests, once the voice is rendered, wouldn’t it
be easy to implement “scrubbing” through the tracks, and looping
a small section to tweak the vocals.

Ah well, I’m going on and on and on…

How do you tie vocaloid into your tracks?

Hope things are good

Jun 11 2005
Forum Posts: 13
Member Since:
May 8 2004


Since you have Sonar and Acid, you might want to try their ReWire [i:3mszsud9]host[/i:3mszsud9] functionality with Vocaloid as a ReWire [i:3mszsud9]client[/i:3mszsud9]. The ReWire host feature was added to Sonar as of version 2, and Acid as of version 4.

The documentation for each product should show you how to use the feature. Once this is set up, start the Vocaloid editor. From the menu choose: Audio -> Device(D), then select ReWire in the dialog box.

ReWire will syncronise Vocaloid with the sequencer. The output of Vocaloid will be sent to a [i:3mszsud9]track[/i:3mszsud9] in the sequencer. This removes the step of exporting to wav and importing into the sequencer.

Unfortunately, the Vocaloid [i:3mszsud9]Play With Synthesis[/i:3mszsud9] mode is not available with ReWire. So changes in the Vocaloid track cannot be made while playing back. Playback will be delayed while Vocaloid generates the vocal.

I hope that this helps.


Jun 15 2005
Forum Posts: 66
Member Since:
May 7 2004

Hello Hulagirl,

I can understand how you feel about not being able to sing. It is very frustrating knowing what you want a song to sound like and not being able to project this in your own voice. And I must say that once you can master the use of Vocaloid especially with the new update now available, It may well be more in line with what you are after.
I assume that you have sonar4 producer, as KHC mentioned the Rewire facility with Sonar is perfect. it is very easy to setup.

May I suggest that you download and install the update of Vocaloid first. This will allow you to use the new features of the software which I must say is incredible and well worth the wait. It works just perfect.

Once this is done then load sonar. Click on the DXi icon on the menu bar.
This will bring up the DXi panel. Click on the plus icon, and select Rewire device. Select Vocaloid. This will showup in the panel and vocaloid will fire up. Once Vocaloid starts select job in the menu bar and select import Rewire Host Tempo, This will syncronise the tempo of vocaloid with Sonar.
Click setting(s) in Vocaloid, Select Audio, select Device. This will bring up the audio menu, select Rewire(master). and you are ready to go.

Whenever you press play in Sonar, Vocaloid will syncronise nad play as well. You may need to set the Pre-Measure to 1 In vocaloid.

You can set your loop points in Sonar and Vocaloid will follow suit.

I hope this will help you with your set up. You seem to be very talented indeed. Good luck and don’t forget to check out the update.


Jun 16 2005
Forum Posts: 66
Member Since:
May 7 2004

By the way, I assume that the Roland VS-880ex has MIDI in/out and thru sockets. If that is so, then the best way to connect this to your computer would be via these connections. and setting the tempo on the Roland to external, so that the computer controls it. This might be worth looking into. I will look into this, to see if this is possible.
Just watch this space. It is also good to know there are live musicians still alive and kicking!…………



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