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VOCALOID3 is coming soon!
Jun 10 2011
Osaka Japan
Forum Posts: 30
Member Since:
Feb 8 2008

Though it seems that there are an erratum omission of a word etc. only because the machine is translated for a moment ・・・

"VOCALOID" offers past "VOCALOID" with a singing voice and synthetic software
that can produce the vocal part of music only in the place where lyrics
and the melody that our company developed in 2003 are input in 2007 and "VOCALOID2"
that improves the version is being offered.

The music that the user produced in the joint work in the individual
or online is announced to the animation portal sites such as animations
and YouTube a lot with a smile,
and calls the big topic as music by virtual Singer with software of
[Gakuppoido]" * note 2 etc. .." [Hatune miku]" * note 1
put on the market by the licensing agreement of "VOCALOID2" and "…
Moreover, our company develops service "NetVOCALOID" that operates
by the server on the network in April, 2009,
and "iVOCALOID-VY1" for iPad and "VocaloWitter" (The former name name: iVOCALOID-VY1t)
for iPhone are being offered besides being offering it for the Internet
and the service provider of the cellular phone to enjoy "VOCALOID" more easily in December, 2010.

Editor" of music production software has been offered on earth up to now).
As a result, the user selects only a singing voice library while using the basic software part together,
and comes to be able to add it.
Our company wants to be offering the enjoyment of writing songs and the composition
and new music experiences through "VOCALOID" and the technology and the service of the circumference in the future.
The main feature of ‘VOCALOID3′ is as follows.

1.In addition, real singing voice and synthetic sound

It became possible to synthesize a more real singing voice by improving of the synthesis algorithm
and improving the composite tone the quality compared with the composite tone of past "VOCALOID" "VOCALOID2".
It becomes possible with the sample for a big unit from the situation to date in a singing voice library,
and the Japanese syllabary synthesis sound has been achieved.
Moreover, the improvement was added,
and it came to be able to synthesize the composite tone of a rapid speaking that was not good so far by a more natural pronunciation.
In addition, the improvement was added so that the change in the tone was smoothly done
in a synthetic engine of ‘VOCALOID3′ though the tone had occasionally changed suddenly up to now in the place where the sample changed when the interval changed.

2.Easy-to-use User Interface ("VOCALOID3 Editor")

The User Interface of music production software "VOCALOID Editor" was completely changed.
To make each track in addition to the editor screen of a past piano roll style easy to manage,
the track view screen like "DAW(Digital Audio Workstation)" was introduced.
Two or more parts can be arranged in each track, and a singing voice part can be edited more efficiently.
Moreover, accompaniment (audio file) regenerative function that not was so far either can be installed,
and the audio data of the stereo and monaural be reproduced respectively by one track.
As a result, it came to be able to produce music,
and to use the sound effect of breath etc. effectively while watching synthesized singing voice and accompaniment at the same time.

In addition, the effect such as reverberations was able to be added to the synthesized singing voice by installing the "VST Host" function,
and the "VOCALOID3 Editor" unit made the general music production possible.

Moreover, accessing internal data of the note and the control parameter, etc.
by the outer module besides being able to enhance the edit function of a singing voice track by the "VOCALOID Job Plugin" function
and becoming it and changing become possible.
As a result, the expression of original singing turning etc. can be automatically added and it achieve it.
"VocaListener ([Bo-karisuna-] and abbreviation: [bokarisu])" * note 3 schedules for Yamaha Corp.
to develop as "VOCALOID Job Plugin", and to put it on the market.
It becomes possible to use "V2 Library Import Tool", and to use even by "VOCALOID3 Editor" a singing voice library of "VOCALOID2". (Import is possible only in a part of library .
It is in case of charge) OS of "VOCALOID3 Editor" is "Windows XP" "Windows Vista" "Windows 7".

3.A singing voice library and the music production software are separated and it sells it.

Music production software (VOCALOID3 Editor) and a singing voice library are separately sold in this ‘VOCALOID3′
though the music production software was always sold to a singing voice library in shape that the bundle is done so far.
As a result, the user can treat the library of various types because the basic software part can be used by common,
only a singing voice library is selected, and he or she can add it, and the possibility of the music production extends greatly.

Software "Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor" of the production of the music of the function limited edition is attached to a singing voice library.
"VOCALOID3 Editor" is "VOCALOID Store" A singing voice library is put on the market by each company
that receives the license offer from our company up to now though it is put on the market from * note 4.
The difference of the function of "VOCALOID3 Editor" and "Tiny VOCALOID Editor" (It is attached to a singing voice library) is as follows.

"VOCALOID3 Editor" (sales from VOCALOID Store)
Number of tracks that can be edited and reproduced "16"
Number of maximum small knots "999"
Effect The effect of the favor is added by the VST Host function.
VOCALOID Job Plugin function "OK"
V2 Library Import Tool "OK"

"Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor" (It is attached to a singing voice library. )
Number of tracks that can be edited and reproduced "1"
Number of maximum small knots "17"
Effect Only the reverberation (fixation)
VOCALOID Job Plugin function "NO"
V2 Library Import Tool "NO"

4.For several languages

I will correspond to the national language, and Spanish in addition to past Japanese and English while renewing it.
If a singing voice library of the each country word is prepared,
the synthesis of the singing voice in the language becomes possible.
Moreover, the localize of the language used easily becomes possible as for the display of the menu of "VOCALOID3 Editor".
The correspondence language is scheduled to be expanded in the future.

5.Opening of synthetic API and plug-in specification to the public

I will open API * note 5 of a synthetic engine to the public to the corporation
and the individual who connected our company with the licensing agreement.
As a result, the development of the new singing voice and synthetic software not caught in past User Interface becomes possible.
Moreover, I will open the specification of above-mentioned "VOCALOID Job Plugin" to the public. As a result,
it becomes possible for the user to develop original "VOCALOID Job Plugin". Developed singing voice and synthetic software
and "VOCALOID Job Plugin" can be distributed through "VOCALOID Store".
In addition, the license of a synthetic engine will begin, too.
As a result, using a singing voice and synthetic function for instance by the game application program on PC etc.becomes possible.

Note 1 "HAtune miku" is a registered trademark of krypton Future media Ltd..
Note 2 "GAkuppoido" is ..".. registered trademark of the Internet Ltd..
Note 3 "VocaListener ([Bo-karisuna-] and abbreviation: [bokarisu])"
reduces the skill and the working hours needed when a special editor of "VOCALOID" is used by the technology
    that presumes the parameter only for "VOCALOID" from the voice file automatically by the technology
    that independent administrative agency National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology developed,
    and can obtain a high-quality singing voice and synthetic result easily. >
note 4 "VOCALOID Store" is an online shop that sells "VOCALOID" product and related product that [bi-purattsu] Ltd. manages.
Note 5 API is an interface that saves the time and was set that
    it is possible to program it concisely when the application software is developed by abbreviating "Application Program Interface".

Jun 10 2011
Luka Mitutoyo
Forum Posts: 147
Member Since:
Feb 11 2009

ver 3 is already out moded by v 3.6 good luck getting ver 3.6 though development is discontinued on it

Jun 10 2011
Forum Posts: 138
Member Since:
Jan 20 2011

Hello all,
Thanks for the information on Vocaloid Version 3.
Happy Composing and Recording

Jun 18 2011
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
Jun 17 2011

Vocaloid 3 coming soon great! If version 3 is already out when will it be available in USA? Will it have vast improvements like 24 bit and more robust for newermore power PC machines? What is the facts IMOS…discontinued!?

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